The Power of Partnership is greater than anything you have ever imagined.  Partnership is an ordinance of God that began in the Old Testament and continued in the New Testament.  This system was officially established and recognized as an ordinance of God in I Samuel 30.  In I Samuel we find David and the men who fought under his command in hot pursuit of the Amalekites who had plundered their camp, captured their families, and taken all their possessions.  Through, Partnership Operation David was able to regain everything the Amalekites had taken.  We will have victories like these as Covenant Partners.

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  1. We will pray on a daily basis that the God of Heaven will pour out His blessings upon you and your family.
  2. We will study the Bible and diligently seek God on behalf of our partners, who have a hunger to learn how to apply the Living Word to everyday life situations.  (Remember, the Bible is a practical and applicable tool for prosperous living).
  3.  We will impart the Anointed Word of God to you and help you get an understanding of it (Proverbs 4:1-7)
  4. We will parent all those called to this ministry.
  5. We will minister to you by way of audiotapes, videotapes, compact discs, and digital video discs made available and other important information.


  1.  Pray for us daily (Television ministry and all meetings).
  2. Be committed to support the outreach ministries of Unity in the Community.
  3. Partner with us financially with your weekly or monthly pledge.  (Tithes, Offerings, and Love Gifts).  “Not because I desire a gift, but I desire fruit that may abound to your account,” (Philippians 4:17).  Your Tithes and offerings should go to your Church Home if you are growing in Christ:  If you do not have a Church Home and this ministry is blessing you and you are growing in the Lord from it, your tithes and offerings can be placed into this ministry.  Love gifts are given above your regular Tithes and Offerings to ministries that are blessing you with the Word of God.  You can hook up with the anointing on that ministry through planting  financial  seeds (Seedtime and Harvest Principle, Genesis 8:22; Luke 6:38).
  4. Always uplift the ministry leader, Pastor Woodard, and his family with the words you speak concerning them.  Be wise.

Partnership is designed by God to increase the abilities, resources and rewards of every born again believer.  Your partnership with this ministry on a weekly or monthly basis and in an aggressive way will provide you with the keys of consistency you need for your breakthrough.



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